10 years after sinus floor augmentation


I sometimes encounter patients who don’t have enough bone in upper molar teeth missing area for placing dental implants. I learned skills of sinus floor augmentation, surgery of growing new bone in sinus for upcoming dental implants surgery, at University of Michigan in 2002. The reason for going abroad was that I could practice the skills using cadavers in US, which has been prohibited in Japan. Since then, I have overcome the difficulties in placing implants in upper molar. This is one of such cases, CT scan images after 10 years showing stable condition. The more I learn, the more I can contribute.

Memory of Michigan

When sorting out photos in PC, I found some in Ann Arbor. It’s 10 years ago when I went there to study dental implant skills using cadaver at University of Michigan School of Dentistry. In Japan, education using cadaver is prohibited. Whenever Japanese dentists want to learn new techniques, models and pig jaws are only materials. Dr. Wong who is the first Asian professor in dentistry of US university opened the door to us Japanese. The seminar was designed to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and experience. When the tour to Ann Arbor was announced, I applied at the drop of hat. I was impressed to the fact that University of Michigan was like a small town, having various shops and crossroads. Japan does not have such a huge university. The dental course? It was very useful, of course! I wish I went back someday.
Detroit airport


University of Michigan is like a small town.


lecture by prof. Wong